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Overberg Kobbies Leader Board


      Competition Number 1 Report


After much anticipation finally a much-awaited event has come and gone. The Mike Pautz El Classico, inspired by the brand new RASSPL Franchise OVERBERG KOBBIES.


After a very long, late night waiting on all expected anglers to arrive safely in pearly beach, not even A very cold morning could not dampen the high spirits and excitement at the Rooibier in pearly beach, a little pub just outside the Damme area, where registration would take place, an excellent turnout of 20 plus anglers for the first OBK competition to fish the area from Gansbaai all the way to Rietfontein. with all the formalities such as the area and access points for the day as well as a refresher on the 3-photo rule was completed, we bid the anglers tight lines and they all headed off into the darkness. As we drove away we realised we had forgotten Akes on the side of the road in the dark.


After registration Team Ebrahim who had already planned to fish Die Dam area headed off to their desired area.


“At the entrance of Die Dam, myself, Ebrahim Hamza and Riaan Oesterhuizen were denied access to the area we had planned to fish. Only for them to let other guys through after us. I guess they didn’t like Hiema. It was just a few minutes after 7am and we are left completely overwhelmed with our situation. Knowing that being at the water’s edge at lines in is key and critical to an anglers success, we were left to make a decision, and very quickly we decided to hug the water’s edge and look for a spot that looks promising.


Franskraal was the area that caught our attention, a channel surrounded by reef and some kelp in particular was the spot of choice. With our baits dangling from our rods with five minutes to go for lines in a social angler goes on with a nice White Steenbras which was released. Immediately we thought we were on the money, however that was merely a thought. The bites were slow and only young juvenile Steenbras caught. The Rain picked up and very quickly we were soaked. Cold and wet we persisted a little longer in the hopes to hook something.


The water had dropped very fast and to move was the call. Back at the car we needed to decide where to go now, with the water at its lowest point we needed to find some deeper water. Gansbaai Harbour wall, a first for myself and also Ebrahim Hamza, this unusual decision was in the hopes of getting the “uncommon” species. We each found our positions on harbour. After sometime fishing, a local joins me and her first throw right by me is VAS! A two-tone, doesn’t look like my day. I signal for Hiema to come closer and not long after he arrives he manages a two tone, seems like a plan coming together. Shortly after I hook a shy shark and Hiema rewarded with a rare koester rock cod.


The water has now begun to push, and we decide to move again. Past the entrance to Die Dam we parked and decided to walk right. A spot more commonly known as Kabeljouklip, this is where our day would end. With about two hours to go we geared up in the hopes of getting more species. Roughly about an hour into fishing this area I got stuck into a decent fish, adrenalin is pumping and after an awesome tussle I came off second best, clearly not my day, the hooks pulled about 5 meters away. Feeling a little despondent I persevered, not long after I hook a small Steenie, just 1cm shy of size for points. Quite a few Steenies came out in that area, however each of them too small to count. Hiema eventually hooks a nice 44 cm Steenbras and we finish off our day shortly after.


What a day in tough, cold and wet conditions. Well done Mr H and every other angler.Big congratulations to the Franchise principles Faheem and Nieyaaz on making the first event such a success. The Late Uncle Mike Pautz would be proud.” Ebrahim Fakier


Arriving at the Rooibier for the prize giving, we were greeted with smiles and handshakes, except for meestebeer(Ruan) who got out fished by his girlfriend(he might forget her at home next comp).

The management at the Rooibier are the nicest most accommodating people we have ever met. they set up all the tables for us and even threw in some extra prizes for the members. There was definitely a buzz in the air when we started packing prizes on the tables. Some of the members were already planning their day for the next competition in Struisbaai. we finished the scoring and sorted the prizes, and when it was all ready this is how the winners finished.


Biggest shark: none caught (we gave Christiaan Oosthuizen a swift stainless rod-stand for the only smoothgulley caught)

Biggest ray: none caught

Biggest edible: 1.8kg galjoen– Stefan Oosthuizen Shimano Socorro 10k

2nd biggest edible: 1.4kg white Steenbras Stefan Oosthuizen Taurus Doors Penn allegiance 2


Top lady: Annie Coetzee 169 points

Top junior: no fish caught (Bryce McClelland got a swift stainless rod stand for persevering through the terrible weather)


5th most points Zaahid Panday swift stainless rod spike

4th most points: Thaufir Davids Penn allegiance 2

3rd most post: Annie Coetzee Penn allegiance 2

2nd most points: Stefan Oosthuizen Shimano Socorro 6k

1st MOST points: Ebrahim Hamza suburban sponsored Poseidon azure and azores 65 combo


The mombakies got some tackle hampers with knife sharpeners to sharpen their skills and packets of salt to get over their dry spell.