Season Leader Board 2019-2020

Competition Number 1 Report

On the morning on August 31st 2019, 23 anglers brave and optimistic anglers awoke to tackle what was going to be a very blustery day on the beach at Fish River Sun Resort.
Anglers made their way down to the beach, some (myself) getting lost and ending up at the maintenance yard and having to be redirected back to the road and to the right entrance.
After meeting up with some of the brave warriors at the starting point and exchanging some war stories, it was off to the beach to begin the day’s events.

We arrived on the beach at roughly 05:30am in the morning and began walking to scout out the area that we were fishing. At 06:20am and started the preparations as we waited for lines in at 07:00am. As the clock hit lines in time, as far as the eye could see anglers lines started going into the water looking for the prize fish that were on offer that day.
Anthony Bowdler in his 1st ever RASSPL Competition draw first blood in our group landing a black tail of 31cm, Warren Bowdler coming soon after with a shy shark. There was a lot of movement on the point to our right where Edward Butler and co had stopped, Anglers running back and forth with buckets but due to limited signal and bad eye sight, we could not see what was being caught, but it was later established that Edward had landed a very Nice Bronze Bream and co David Taylor a nice Stone Bream.

The wind started to pick up as predicted it would and conditions became considerably more difficult with surging seas and strong gusts and the dropping tide forcing anglers to venture onto the rocks and out of shelter.

Once again Anthony Bowdler struck again landing an Eagle ray of 55cm, 2.9kg which ended up being a very lucky strike as it was the only ray landed for the day.

Anglers were moving up and down the areas looking for fish and species in very windy conditions and as the day drew to a close, anglers began to leave and move off to the 19th hole at Fish River Resort for some refreshments.
Anglers arrived at the venue for a well-deserved Burger and Chips supplied by the Fish River Resort and began to swop some stories for the days fishing.

Deon Marais had landed an elusive Banded Galjoen, Melissa Du Randt had caught a Striped Mullet and John Tarr had landed a Nice Dusky Cob on 79cm – 5.1kg.

There were also some of the weigh cards of Andrew Coetzee and Lenny Clark which definitely looked like they had succumbed to the conditions of the day after almost being washed away.
Thank you to Fish River Resort for the lucky draw prize of a 2 night midweek getaway which was won by Warren Bowdler.
A big thank you must go out to our Sponsors for their continued support for this RASSPL SEASON.

Thank you to Pure Fishing, Port Alfred House Boats, Buco, Connocks Butchery, Penn, Berkley, Banana Skins, Pick N Pay, Lala Lapa Lodge, Auto Inc, Add Venture, Settler City Toyota, Fish River Resort, Tiptop Butchery, Kekkel & Kraai, Aqua Flow, JT’s Fire wood and eggs, TTA Tennis academy Delicious spit braais, Best drive, EC’s Fit & Go. Without the support of our local sponsors these competitions would not be possible.

A total of 107 Fish were caught with 18 different species being recorded and all safely released to swim another day, 23 anglers on the beach.

Silver Barbel 5 Banded Galjoen 1 Smooth Gulley 29
Black Barbel 4 Dusky Kob 8 Shy Shark 31
Blacktail 10 Stripped Mullet 1 White Steenbra 3
Bronze Bream 3 White Musslecracker 1
Stone Bream 1 Eagle Ray 1
Striped Catshark 1 Lesser Sand Shark 5
Spotted Catshark 1 Smooth Hound 1

Results for the day.
1st Heaviest Edible – John Tarr – Dusky Cob – 79cm: 5.1Kg
2nd Heaviest Edible – Dave Kemp – White Musselcracker – 55cm: 3.7kg
3rd Heaviest Edible – Edward Butler – Bronze Bream – 47cm: 3Kg
4th Heaviest Edible – David Taylor – Stone Bream – 39.2cm: 1.3kg
5th Heaviest Edible – Melissa Du Randt – Blacktail – 34cm: 1.1kg
6th Heaviest Edible – Len Clark – White Steenbras – 39.5cm: 1kg
Heaviest Shark – Deon Marais – Smooth Hound – 109cm: 4.9kg
Heaviest Ray – Anthony Bowdler – Eagle ray – 55cm: 2.9kg
Top Master: Deon Marais
Top Lady: Melissa Du Randt
1st Angler Most Points – Deon Marais: 572.94
2nd Angler Most Points – John Tarr: 292.85
3rd Angler Most Points – Melissa Du Randt: 274.85
Mombakkie Prize winner: Jakoletter Thiart.
Congratulations to the prize winners:

Next Comp is Riet River on 14th September 2019.

Tight Lines from the Writer by
Warren Bowdler