EP Raggies boys and girls are heading off to the beaches this coming weekend where they will be fishing their fourth league outing for the season. They will be fishing the Kini Bay to Maitlands surf areas early Saturday morning and meeting at 5am at Seaview Spar Parking lot. Boasting a prize list of over R25 000, you definitely cant afford to miss this competition even though the competition is open to anyone and everyone. Cant wait to see you there!


EP Raggies Competition

WP boys and girls will be fishing their third competition for the season on Saturday between Mnandi and Gordonsbay Old Harbour wall. Registration and prize giving will both be held at the Engen garage on the N2. With conditions clearing up nicely for the weekend this might be a very exciting one in terms of fish catches! With the competition open to anyone, the question is, what prize are YOU coming to fish for?




Our boys and girls on the West Coast are prepping to cater for their next competition on Sunday. They will be fishing Blue Water Bay to Jacobsbay and their registration and prize giving will be at famous Juffroushoogte. With the forecast indicating some awesome weather, you will need to be dusting off your fishing gear and hitting the waters with us to claim your prize! See you all at 6:30 Sunday morning for registration