Don’t forget to come join us this Saturday, 3 December 2016, for one of our favorite fishing calendar events with our Oyster Bay competition.

This venue never disappoints as the area experiences very little fishing pressure and you will get to see another beautiful part of our Eastern Cape coastline.

The competition is open to all anglers and children under the age of fourteen fish for free. Registration will take place at the Oyster Bay Resort the morning between 05h00 and 05h30 and weigh-cards and prize giving will also be at the Oyster Bay Resort.

Don’t forget to pop into Trophy Tackle Den for all your fishing requirements and get your tackle ready for this weekend as it will be a big one.

See you all on Saturday. Tight Lines!


Border Blacktips are playing host to one awesome competition this coming weekend in Kiwane, a place with a vast array of fish species as witnessed at a past RASSPL Africa Nationals competition. With one HUGE prize list, this is one competition you seriously cannot afford to miss out on. These guys have decided to even throw in a Shimano Saragosa 10000 for the biggest Blacktail, how awesome is that!!!

Remember, this competition is open to anyone, so come rain, snow or sunshine, i will most definitely be there!



Western Province is having another awesome event this coming weekend at the Eddlesgas and Tackle store in Retreat. They will be showcasing all the latest trends and techniques in the various facets of the angling arena ranging from rock and surf, grinder fishing, kayak fishing etc etc, Lead by Jacques Ackhurst himself and some very prominent others, they will be offering this clinic FREE of charge…..Eddlesgas and Tackle have announced that they will be extending some fantastic in store specials in conjunction to this event. See you ALL there on Saturday!